Vox Stellae

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Vox Stellae Chamber Choir was born in 2002 in order to sing in a congress about Santiago de Compostela music archives with the great musicologist José López Calo.

Our singers studied in the conservatories of music such as Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Vigo, Madrid, Barcelona and La Habana and usually collaborate with other great Spanish and European musicians as follows: OSG choir, Music Chapel of Santiago Cathedral, Orfeón Terra a Nosa, Europachorakademie Stuttgart, Ludus Tonalis, Eborae Musica Choir , Camerata Ad Libitum, USC Choir, Collegium Compostelanum, Lauda Sion Music Chapel, Voces de Europa, Filgueira Valverde Choir, UEM Choir, COACE Choir …